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We do low-cost high quality software packages for all your business needs.

Digitalization packages

We are specialized in digitalizing small to large companies. Inventories, point of sales, webpages, ecommerce, manufacturing, CRM, ERP, Human resources management software applications. Tailored to your needs at a low cost.

Mobile and web applications

Fully customizable to your specific business needs. Available in Android and IOS

Data analytics and ML/AI

 Modelling and development of big data and AI software. Experience in healthcare predictive models and data-based business inteligence. 

Custom projects

Do you have an innovative software idea? Please, contact us to discuss your project. We are supported by a wide network of experts in many sectors and technologies  (3D modelling, VR, blockchain, IoT, Q&A, among others)

Who are we?

BYDM is a program created by Comboni College for Science and Technology (CCST) in collaboration with a network of international senior software developers (mentors) to facilitate the insertion in the labour market of Sudanese and refugee students of Computer Science and Information Technology. 

CCST is a non-profit university College approved by the Ministry of Higher Educational and Scientific Research of Sudan.

The College educates 800 students coming from different social backgrounds: Northerners, displaced from war areas or refugees from South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea and supports them to stand by themselves, transform their communities and generate sustainable development for the country.

BYDM enables the students to produce high quality projects with low cost through their development in the latest technologies and the continuous technical support of top international professionals until the handing over of their products, which at the same time, are their graduation projects.

Our program is funded and supported by the Swiss Embassy to Sudan and Eritrea.

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Our software development process

​1Student selection

Our best students go through a self-learning process enabling them to get certifiyed in the latest technologies (python, javascript, etc). The certifications are internationally recognized and ensures the knowledge of the student. Only certified students can develop projects.

2 Project requirements

Our team contacts you to get the requirements for your software needs. Then, we propose you a budget that is low-cost in relation to the market value.

3 Software Development

The development is done with the support of international senior software developers, who mentors the students to ensure the quality of the software. over the​ students to ensure high-quality software. Our approach is 100% agile and customer oriented.

4 Release and payment

Each 45 days, we release a new version of the software product. The payment of the product is linked to this release. You only pay the software if it suits your needs.

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